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Make Your Wedding Day Go With a Swing – Literally!

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, and as such it needs careful planning. The day is basically split into two parts: the actual wedding ceremony itself, and the wedding reception afterwards.

Some couples will want to be married in the church of their religion, whether that is C of E, Catholic, Islamic, Muslim, and so on, while others will settle for a register office or other authorised venue. Whichever you choose, apart from a register office, the ceremony itself can be made impressive with extra decorations. So, for example, if it is a church, you might have an aisle runner, decorations over the entrance, flowers on the end of the pews, and so on. As a Yorkshire wedding planner, at UltimateGig we can provide anything that you need for the venue not just in Yorkshire, but the whole of the UK.

Once the vows have been exchanged, then it is time to head to the reception, and this can take place wherever you choose. It could just be the church hall next door to the church, or it could be a stately home 10 miles away, or anything else in between. The venue is yours to choose, depending upon your budget and the availability of the venue on your wedding day.

Your Venue Needs To Look Fabulous

Wherever your chosen venue is, it will need decorating in order to make your day go with a swing. You and your guests will spend the major part of the big day at the reception, and so it has to look fabulous.

Then there is the entertainment side of things. As a top Yorkshire wedding planner, we have all types of entertainment available for you and your guests, so we can incorporate whatever you wish.

Is ELO your favourite band? We have a fantastic tribute act to ELO, the Explosive Light Orchestra – and indeed it is explosive. They can play whatever you like – Turn To Stone, Evil Woman, Mr Blue Sky, Don’t Bring Me Down – the list goes on. There are many more tribute bands available as well.

Want a conjuror? Why not? A conjuring act after the meal is a great idea for fun and entertainment and to keep your guests guessing.

Maybe you would like Rod Stewart? Unfortunately, he is not available in person (to our knowledge) but we have a man who is incredibly like him. David Bowie? Paloma Faith? The Kinks? Michael Buble? Those are just a handful: we have many, many more, that will make your big day one they will never forget.

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