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Greening Your Next Corporate Event in Leeds

Planning events sustainably is a rising priority for many businesses today. This guide covers ideas for embracing eco-consciousness when organising your next corporate event in Leeds.


Venue Selection

  • Seek out venues making environmental efforts when possible. Some options:

    • Locations with energy-efficient operations

    • Spaces near public transit to reduce transportation impacts

    • Sites offering virtual attendance to lower carbon footprint

  • Consider outdoor venues to connect with nature:

    • Parks

    • Botanical gardens

    • Farms offering fresh, local cuisine

Décor Decisions

  • Incorporate natural décor:

    • Potted plants that could be donated post-event

    • Tree branches, leaves, flowers

    • Wood, stone table centrepieces 

  • Rent items when possible rather than buying new

  • Make signs with reusable materials like chalkboard

Catering & Food Service

Source catering locally and seasonally 

  • Request sustainably caught or raised ingredients

  • Offer vegetarian and vegan fare to shrink carbon footprint 

  • Use reusable rather than single-use dishware

  • Washable cups, plates, utensils, napkins

  • Avoid excess packaging waste

Transportation & Lodging

  • Encourage carpools to corporate events in Leeds through company messaging

  • Research hotels using renewable energy, linen/towel reuse programs

    • Offer recommendations to attendees

Waste & Recycling

  • Provide clearly labelled recycling bins throughout the venue

  • Collect business cards electronically rather than printing

  • Send post-event surveys and follow-ups digitally

Event Favors & Giveaways

  • Choose useful, eco-friendly gifts:

    • Reusable water bottles 

    • Notebooks made with recycled paper

    • Potted plants or seed packets

    • Print minimally on recycled paper

Making Events in Leeds Greener

With awareness and planning, companies can reduce the environmental impacts of their corporate events in Leeds. Consider the venue, décor, catering, transportation, waste, and favours when optimising for sustainability. Take small steps at each event, and keep improving to plan eco-friendly gatherings in the Leeds area. Every effort makes a difference.

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