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Stunning Weddings Without the Struggle With UltimateGig

Going it alone for your wedding is chaotic. That's why you need the best wedding planner in York for your team. Someone to make your dream day happen without the nightmare.

Here at UltimateGig, we're passionate about taking that massive weight off your shoulders. As the best wedding planner in York, our team specialises in making dream weddings happen with a seamless, unforgettable experience. We'll be your guide, partner and BFFs throughout this whole magical journey.

Why UltimateGig?

Sure, you've got options when it comes to York wedding planners. But here's the straight truth on why UltimateGig is the best of the best:

First up, we're experts at sweating every last detail, big and small. From sorting out that perfect seating chart to ensuring the reception lighting is on point, we've got you covered. Plenty of our couples call us "control freaks" and we own that! It's what allows us to pull off weddings that are an absolute 10/10 down to the tiniest touches.

We've also formed solid relationships with the sickest DJs, Party Bands, Tribute Bands, Original Artists, Magicians, Dancers and Comedians. We have the best in the business. These partnerships mean you get total VIP access and service. Your wedding will be an A-lister affair!

Planning a Wedding with Us?

What's your vision? The vibe you're going for? Must-have traditions or cultures to incorporate? We want all the deets, nothing is too small or silly to share.

From there, it's our job to pull together an epic team of vendors who'll help bring that wedding concept to life. We'll introduce you to potential photographers, florists, venues and more who feel hand-picked just for you and your style.

On your actual wedding weekend, we'll be there making a million things happen behind the scenes to ensure everything runs like a dream. We'll handle every crisis that pops up with a cool head and permanent smile, all while you live it up and soak in every happy moment.

Wedding planning is our jam - we live for this stuff! Making your big day an outrageous reflection of you two lovebirds? That's our mission. Your vibe, your story, your style - we're obsessed with capturing it all down to the last detail.

Why keep waiting for your dream day? Hit up York's top wedding gurus at UltimateGig today! Let's get this married-life party popping for real. Reach out now so we can make some serious magic together.

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