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Hosting an Engaging Company Outing in York

Planning a corporate event in York that fosters camaraderie amongst your employees can be challenging. Coming up with ideas that feel fresh and exciting year after year takes creativity. If you want to plan a company outing in York that sparks joy and brings everyone together, consider incorporating interactive entertainment.


Entertainment Ideas

DJs and Party Bands

  • Hire a professional DJ/party band skilled at engaging crowds and taking song requests to get everyone on the dance floor. The right lively musical act with a tailored setlist to suit your team will energize any corporate event in York.


  • Consider surprise flash mob performances, allowing different employees to secretly practice a dance/lip sync routine and unveil it at the event. This shows company spirit and participation from all levels.

Magicians and Illusionists

  • Bring on a magician or illusionist to perplex and astound employees with an unbelievable show. Interactive magic lets teams become part of the act for extra excitement.


  • A strolling magician weaving between guests during a corporate event in York reception or meal service adds an element of wonder and surprise for attendees.


  • Jazz up your York company outing by hiring dancers, like ballroom performers or tap dance troops, to showcase their skills with impressive routines. This high-energy addition inspires and entertains. 


  • Comedy shows allow employees to laugh and unwind together. Comedians can even work in light-hearted jokes about office life that everyone relates to.

Event Support Services

To ensure any unique entertainment runs smoothly at your corporate event in York, take advantage of full-service planning and support:


  • Venue scouting for the perfect space to suit your act's needs - seating capacity, stage size, A/V equipment, etc.


  • Onsite staff during the event to handle all vendor logistics and troubleshoot any issues

  • A/V techs to provide optimal sound, lighting, and video for each performance

The collective experience and shared interactions build workplace culture and affirm your company's values.

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