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Ensure That Your Business Event Is As Eco-Friendly As Possible

As an outstanding event management company in Leeds, at UltimateGig we are always looking for ways to enable our clients to be as eco-friendly as possible when organising an event.

When you run a business, your objective is to make money, and that is why you do it. That’s fine. So, when you organise some sort of event it is largely for the purpose of promoting your brand and getting your name out there. All good.

However, it can be even better if you consider climate change and the effect that your event might have on the natural world. If you are seen to be promoting your brand but at the same time doing everything that you can to protect the environment, this will show your potential customers that you are one of the “good guys”, and that will make those people more likely to engage with you and attend your event.

All right, not everyone will care, but more and more people are becoming aware of what we are doing to our planet, so if you are demonstrating that you are a responsible organisation, it will show your business in the best possible light.

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A Natural Setting

For instance, you might well want to organise your event in an outdoor setting, showing that you are connecting with nature. A park, or perhaps the garden of a stately home, could be a good setting. Use local caterers if you are offering food, and make sure that the food is grown or produced locally – and then advertise that fact! You might also want to offer vegetarian and / or vegan foods.

Avoid plastics, such as knives and forks, disposable plastic glasses, and plates for instance. OK, it means that you are going to have to wash the utensils up, but that’s better than adding more waste to the planet - and your visitors will thank you for it – as long as you have prominent signs showing that your business is run on these lines.

If it is an indoor venue, then you might want to add décor, and that’s a good idea. But again, make it sustainable. Using plants that are growing in pots and can then be given away after the event is better than using cut flowers which will simply die in a few days.

As your event management company in Leeds, we have many other ideas that we can discuss with you in order to promote your business so that it has that extra appeal to both existing and potential customers. Make an appointment to meet and talk with us and come up with great plans for your event.

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