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The Sound Of Bowie

The amazing Martin Gough

There are many Bowie Tribute bands out there and some solo Tributes, good and not so good. But who can pull the vocals and look off for a great Icon such as David Bowie? Who could do that? Well one man, using studio quality backing tracks together with live vocals, the show captures the essence of a Bowie gig as a solo performance. The sound is important. The look is important but ultimately the show aims to create the energy and feeling of a Bowie gig but with just one man with a voice as close you can get to the great man himself.

The show includes all the classic songs throughout the decades from Space Oddity to China Girl, plus one or two album tracks but still well known, across the 40 plus years that David Bowie reigned high. Martin ignites the stage with his showmanship and the unique Bowie sound and look with great accuracy. As a lifelong fan of Bowie, Martin has studied his vocals and performances to bring the songs, atmosphere and delivery in the same style and give your venue, clients and customers an unforgettable evening of live entertainment. Martin has wowed audiences with the accuracy of his vocals and the feedback speaks for itself.

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