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Laid - A Tribute To James

On Saturday 19th May 2018 Mike Hadfield, lead singer, had a VIP ticket to the sound check prior to the James gig at King George’s Hall Blackburn. During the question and answer session Mike grabbed the microphone and asked the band their thoughts of him setting up a tribute band to honour their music. After deliberating as a band, Saul spoke for them saying “Go for it!” and Tim Booth gave his blessing. Mike set to work gathering the troops to create a band of fans for fans - Laid - a tribute to James.

Laid have received high praise everywhere they play. As well as rising to the occasion of a 1600 strong audience at Shiiine-On Weekender 2019 and performing on the bigger stages, they also love the more intimate setting of a smaller crowd within a 150-200 capacity venue. Committed to getting the same energy and performance that James produce onstage and getting that live sound just right, the band have marked their territory as the leading tribute to one of the best bands to come out of Manchester.

Playing all the hits including “Sit Down”, “Come Home”, “Laid”, “She’s a Star”, “Tomorrow”, “Getting Away With It”, and “Sometimes” they are one band not to be missed!

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