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Boy Gorgeous

UK Top Tribute to Boy George

Paul Sutton has an amazing vocal and physical resemblance to Boy George. Paul is passionate about emulating the iconic star to the utmost and has dedicated lots of time to capturing the mannerisms and the very specific, high, soulful vocal tones that Boy George is famous for.

Paul has invested in both of the iconic looks of Boy George:

- The 80s look complete with hair braids, Jewish rabbi hat and colour explosion of make-up.

- The modern look with its oversized hat, beard and minimal, but eye catching make-up.

The "Boy Gorgeous" Show never fails to fill up the dance floor and certainly gets everyone in the full party swing. The show appeals to all ages; from those experiencing the 80s revival for the very first time to those who are ‘young’ enough to remember it the first time around. Rest assured that Paul’s audiences always leave at the end of the night feeling fully entertained. ​Paul’s interaction with an audience, coupled with his vocal singing abilities, is what sets his show apart from all the rest.

Paul was privileged to meet Boy George, Mikey Craig, Jon Moss and Roy Hay at a recent Culture Club concert at Haydock Races.

Boy George was extremely impressed with the Boy Gorgeous look and even offered Paul invaluable tips and advice for perfecting his appearance.

Boy George signed one if Paul's promotional posters.

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