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Signing Off is a result of the determination of a friendly group of musicians and UB40 fans to bring

a fresh new tribute dedicated to replication of the live sound of their idols. The band was formed

in 2015 and their first debut gig was in 2016. Signing Off prides itself on setting out to thrill fans

with a noticeable representation of UB40's original dub, reggae sound from their debut album

"Signing Off" (from which the band takes its name), as well as appealing to more casual fans with

hits such as Red Red Wine, Can't Help Falling In Love and Kingston Town. Signing Off have even

been praised by UB40 themselves for not just playing the hits, but playing songs that only

hardcore UB40 fans will recognise.

With an emphasis on tight musicianship and a passionate study by each member of their role in

emulating their counterpart in the real UB40, we're sure Signing Off has become the number one

live tribute to the UK's premier reggae act of all time.

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