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Organising A Major Celebration Involves A Lot Of Planning

Being invited to a party is always good news, as a party is meant to be a fun “do” with drinks, and very often food. You get to hang out with family or friends or both and, unless you take a bottle, it doesn’t cost you anything! What’s not to like?


Holding the party is a whole different ball game, because you have to pay for it and organise it. Paying for it is one thing, but organising is another. As a minimum you have to arrange for food and drinks, but if it is a big do, then that can be complicated. Something like a golden wedding anniversary, a retirement party, a wedding, or some other great achievement, can mean that you have a lot of thinking to do just to come up with some ideas.


After all, if it is a celebration, you want to make sure that it “goes with a bang” and is a night (or day) that guests will always remember – and that means for the right reasons, not because your dad fell in the pond with the goldfish because he was “dad-dancing” on the edge with a drink in his hand!

party decoration hire

A Lot of Planning


So, yes, there is a lot of planning to do for a big celebration, and that is where you can hand everything over to us at UltimateGig and let us take care of all that for you. We are based in Leeds, but as the foremost wedding and event planner we can organise your celebration for you wherever you wish.


When you use our services, the beauty of it is that we have been organising events for years, and so we have umpteen ideas of things that you could incorporate. We also provide all of the party decoration hire that you will need as well.


So, for example, if you are holding a party in your home, you will need a certain amount of decoration. However, if you are hiring something such as a church hall then you can use a lot more. In fact, when using a large venue, there are almost no limits as to what we can achieve for you with party decoration hire.


For example, in Leeds we have a list of venues that we use regularly for our clients, and so we know what can be done. We can customise them to include your own ideas and preferences and arrange everything for you so that your big day is sure to go with a swing.


Contact us and let’s get together and make your big day the best yet.

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