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Meet Nathan, Andy, Will and Adam who together form Lapels; a 4-piece band of singer/songwriter/musicians from the East Midlands, whose honest, no-fuss take on indie/pop, is fast becoming likened to a Blur/Oasis-esque evolution of those early days of mid-90s Britpop. Lyrically depicting everyday mundane ‘stuff’, Lapels' candid approach to British guitar based pop, resonates with audiences for its relevance and honesty. The band formed in 2018, when Nathan and Andy sparked off a singer/songwriter chemistry at college in Nottingham. Pulling in band mates Will and Adam, the boys began gigging across the East Midlands and quickly had to find a band name to go onto a gig flyer; because they were all wearing jackets at the time, ‘lapels’ was the first word that connected them all.

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