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Close To Tears

A Tribute to Tears For Fears

2018 saw the long awaited return to the stage for Tears For Fears. Tears for Fears fans know how special and rare these events now are. So any fans wishing to live on the cult dream of their idles , "Close For Tears " are the perfect option. Close To Tears are Europe's premier celebration of Tears For Fears. Based in the UK , the Close To Tears show spans the life and times of the bands 1983 album "The Hurting". With the title tracks The Hurting, Mad World and Pale Shelter.

Following the band through each decade with the hits "Woman in Chains", "Shout" and "Sowing the Seeds Of Love". The Close To Tears band line -up boasts talent of many years of professional experience which delivers a special and unique once in a lifetime experience. Close To Tears offer a full live stage and auditorium PA along with a light show to enhance the live presentation. Close To Tears are available for both UK and European venues from May 2023.

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